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Adam Grooming Atelier


In this case study, we will delve into our collaboration with Adam Grooming Atelier, a new entrant in the men's grooming market. The brand faced challenges with high Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) during the early stages. Our growth marketing studio partnered with them to optimize the entire user journey, improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices, and significantly reduce CAC. This case study outlines our approach, challenges faced, and the remarkable outcome of decreasing CAC by 35%.

Background: Adam Grooming Atelier, a men's grooming salon and product brand, entered a competitive market where establishing a strong presence and acquiring customers efficiently were key challenges. The initial CAC was prohibitively high, hindering their ability to grow sustainably. Recognizing the need for optimized CRM practices and a streamlined user journey, they sought our expertise to address these obstacles.


To overcome the high CAC and enhance the user journey, our growth marketing studio devised a comprehensive solution that focused on improving CRM practices and optimizing each touchpoint of the customer's interaction with Adam Grooming Atelier.

  1. CRM Optimization: We conducted an in-depth analysis of the brand's CRM practices and implemented improvements to enhance customer engagement and retention. Key components of our CRM optimization strategy included:

    • Segmentation and Personalization: We utilized customer data to segment the audience based on demographics, preferences, and engagement patterns. This allowed us to tailor personalized messages, offers, and recommendations to different customer segments, improving their overall experience.

    • Automated Email Campaigns: We designed automated email campaigns that targeted customers at different stages of their journey, such as welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, post-purchase follow-ups, and personalized product recommendations. This helped to nurture relationships and drive repeat purchases.

  2. Journey Optimization: We analyzed the entire user journey, from initial brand awareness to post-purchase experience, to identify areas for improvement and optimize the customer experience. Key aspects of our user journey optimization strategy included:

    • Enhanced Brand Awareness: We developed targeted awareness campaigns to expand the brand's reach among the desired audience. By utilizing a mix of digital advertising and on ground activations, we maximized brand visibility and generated interest in Adam Grooming Atelier.

    • Streamlined Conversion Process: We simplified the conversion process across various touchpoints, such as the website, online booking system, and product purchasing. By minimizing friction and optimizing the user interface, we aimed to maximize conversions and reduce drop-offs.

    • Post-Purchase Delight: To improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of positive word-of-mouth referrals, we focused on enhancing the post-purchase experience. This included personalized follow-up communication, loyalty programs, and requesting customer feedback to address any concerns promptly.

Challenges Faced:

Throughout the implementation of the solution, we encountered several challenges, including:

  1. Establishing brand presence: As a new player in the market, Adam Grooming Atelier faced the challenge of building brand awareness and gaining trust among customers. We addressed this by developing a strong brand identity, leveraging social proof and testimonials, and leveraging an omni-channel approach.

  2. High competition: The men's grooming industry is highly competitive, with established brands already holding significant market share. To tackle this, we conducted thorough competitor research to identify unique value propositions, differentiators, and effective positioning strategies for Adam Grooming Atelier.


Through our strategic approach and focused efforts, we achieved remarkable outcomes for Adam Grooming Atelier:

By optimizing CRM practices, refining the user journey, and implementing data-driven targeting and personalization, we successfully reduced the brand's CAC by an impressive 35%. This reduction in CAC allowed Adam Grooming Atelier to acquire customers more efficiently and allocate their marketing budget more effectively.

  1. Improved Conversion Rates: By streamlining the user journey and minimizing friction points, we observed a significant improvement in conversion rates. Customers found it easier to navigate through the brand's online platforms, resulting in higher conversion rates from initial awareness to successful bookings and product purchases.

  2. Enhanced Customer Retention: Through optimized CRM practices, personalized communication, and post-purchase engagement, we witnessed an increase in customer retention rates. By fostering stronger relationships with existing customers and nurturing loyalty, Adam Grooming Atelier saw a higher frequency of repeat visits and purchases.

  3. Sustainable Growth: The combination of decreased CAC, improved conversion rates, and enhanced customer retention contributed to the overall sustainable growth of Adam Grooming Atelier. With a more efficient and cost-effective customer acquisition process, the brand was able to scale its operations while maintaining healthy profit margins.


Through our collaboration with Adam Grooming Atelier, our growth marketing studio successfully addressed the challenges of high CAC and optimized the user journey. By implementing CRM optimization techniques and refining the brand's touchpoints, we achieved exceptional outcomes, including a 35% decrease in CAC, improved conversion rates, increased customer retention, and sustainable growth. These results not only boosted the brand's profitability but also established a solid foundation for long-term success in the competitive men's grooming market.

Client testimonial

Oytun Pakcan, Founder

Diligent, efficient and punctual through the projects. Have the experience and gravitas to work independently and communicated effectively with our in house team.

Oytun Pakcan, Founder
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