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Home Centre Direct


This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Growth Spin and Home Centre Direct, a premier online and physical retailer specializing in high-quality home furnishings in the UK.

Tasked with increasing sales by 15%, Growth Spin deployed strategic Meta and Google Ads campaigns, focusing on capturing high-intent users searching for local online furniture stores and leveraging Google Map ads to target local customers near the physical store.


Home Centre Direct, known for its wide selection of stylish and affordable home furniture, sought to enhance its online and offline presence and drive sales amidst a competitive market.

Recognizing the need for a targeted digital advertising strategy, they partnered with Growth Spin to harness the power of precise geo-targeting and intent-based advertising on both Meta and Google Ads platforms.


Growth Spin's strategy for Home Centre Direct involved:

  • Intent Targeting with Google Ads: Creating Google Ads campaigns aimed at users actively searching for local online furniture stores, ensuring high intent leads were directed to Home Centre Direct's website.

  • Google Map Ads: Utilizing Google Map ads to target users located near Home Centre Direct's physical store, encouraging foot traffic and local online purchases.

  • Geo-Targeted Meta Ads: Implementing geo-targeting in Meta ads to reach potential customers within specific geographical areas, enhancing local brand visibility and engagement.


The approach included:

  1. Keyword and Audience Research: Identifying high-intent keywords and local audience segments to target users most likely to convert.

  2. Campaign Implementation and Optimization: Launching targeted campaigns on Google Ads and Meta, with a focus on maximizing reach and engagement within the identified geographical areas.

  3. Performance Monitoring and Adjustments: Continuously analyzing campaign data to refine targeting, adjust ad creatives, and optimize budget allocation for the best ROI.


The partnership yielded significant results:

  • Sales Growth: Home Centre Direct achieved a 15% increase in sales, directly attributed to the targeted digital advertising campaigns.

  • Increased Local Engagement: Google Map ads and geo-targeted Meta ads successfully drove higher local engagement, both online and in-store.

  • Enhanced Online Visibility: The strategic use of Google Ads captured high-intent users looking for local online furniture options, improving overall online visibility and purchase intent.


Through the strategic use of intent targeting on Google Ads, along with effective geo-targeting on both Meta and Google Maps, Growth Spin helped Home Centre Direct significantly grow its sales and strengthen its market position.

This case study exemplifies the power of targeted digital advertising in driving both online and offline sales, showcasing Growth Spin's expertise in leveraging technology to meet and exceed retail marketing goals.

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