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This case study showcases our collaboration with Humanery, a men's grooming marketplace operating in a highly competitive and expensive space. Facing challenges with high Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and intense competition, our growth marketing studio developed a solution to optimize their ad spends and improve positioning. By implementing strategic optimizations on Google and Facebook, along with testing various positioning statements, we successfully reduced CAC by 25%. This case study provides insights into the process, challenges faced, and the remarkable outcome achieved.


Humanery, a men's grooming marketplace, found themselves operating in a highly competitive landscape, where brands were fiercely bidding online. The resultant high CAC posed a significant challenge to their growth and profitability. Recognizing the need for cost efficiency and effective positioning to differentiate themselves, Humanery sought our expertise to address these obstacles.


To overcome the challenges of high competition and optimize ad spends, our growth marketing studio devised a comprehensive solution centered around optimizing ad spends on Google and Facebook, as well as testing various positioning statements.

Ad Spend Optimization: We conducted a thorough analysis of Humanery's ad spends on Google and Facebook and identified areas for improvement. Key components of our ad spend optimization strategy included:

Targeted Audience Segmentation: We segmented the target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, enabling us to deliver more tailored and relevant ads to specific customer segments. This helped to optimize the allocation of ad spends and increase the overall efficiency of the campaigns.

Performance Tracking and Optimization: We implemented tracking mechanisms to monitor the performance of each campaign and ad variant. By continuously analyzing the data and making data-driven optimizations, we maximized the ROI of the ad spends, ensuring that they were allocated to the most effective channels and ad formats.

Positioning Statement Testing: To differentiate Humanery from competitors and effectively communicate their value proposition, we conducted positioning statement tests. This involved crafting and testing different positioning statements to identify the most compelling and resonant messaging for the target audience. By iterating and refining the messaging based on customer feedback and data insights, we aimed to enhance brand positioning and drive stronger customer engagement.

Challenges Faced: Throughout the implementation of the solution, we encountered several challenges, including:

Intense Competition: The highly competitive landscape meant that securing optimal advertising placements required strategic bidding and effective targeting. We addressed this challenge by conducting thorough market research, competitive analysis, and utilizing advanced bidding strategies to optimize Humanery's ad placements.

Ad Fatigue and Audience Saturation: The constant exposure to similar ads in the men's grooming marketplace posed the risk of ad fatigue and audience saturation. To mitigate this, we employed creative testing and regularly refreshed the ad creatives, ensuring that they remained engaging, relevant, and aligned with the target audience's preferences.


Through our strategic approach and focused efforts, we achieved remarkable outcomes for Humanery:

Decreased CAC: By optimizing ad spends on Google and Facebook, and implementing advanced targeting and performance optimization techniques, we successfully reduced Humanery's CAC by 25%. This decrease in CAC allowed for a more cost-efficient customer acquisition process and improved overall profitability.

Enhanced Positioning: Through rigorous positioning statement testing, we identified the most impactful messaging to effectively communicate Humanery's value proposition. This resulted in improved brand positioning, stronger differentiation from competitors, and increased customer engagement.

Increased Ad Performance: By continuously monitoring and optimizing ad performance, we achieved higher click-through rates (CTRs), improved conversion rates, and increased overall ad effectiveness. This led to a greater return on ad spend (ROAS) and improved campaign efficiency.


Through our collaboration with Humanery, our growth marketing studio successfully addressed the challenges of intense competition and high CAC in the men's grooming marketplace. By optimizing ad spends on Google and Facebook, implementing strategic targeting and performance optimization techniques, and conducting positioning statement tests, we achieved remarkable outcomes.

The collaboration resulted in a 25% decrease in CAC, allowing Humanery to acquire customers more cost-effectively and allocate their marketing budget efficiently. Additionally, the implementation of effective positioning statements enhanced the brand's differentiation, resonated with the target audience, and drove stronger customer engagement.

Furthermore, the optimized ad spends and continuous monitoring and optimization of ad performance led to higher click-through rates, improved conversion rates, and increased overall ad effectiveness. This translated into a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) and improved campaign efficiency for Humanery.

In conclusion, our collaborative efforts enabled Humanery to navigate the highly competitive and expensive men's grooming marketplace successfully. By optimizing ad spends, refining positioning statements, and continuously improving performance, we helped Humanery achieve greater cost efficiency, stronger positioning, and increased customer acquisition.

Client testimonial

Sid Baveja, Founder

An incredible no nonsense approach and just gets things done.

Sid Baveja, Founder
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