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This case study outlines the strategic partnership between Growth Spin and Learnerbly, a Learning and Development (L&D) platform designed to empower businesses with curated learning opportunities for their employees. Following its Series A funding, Learnerbly aimed to enhance its marketing strategy to efficiently acquire leads through lead magnets and effectively convert them into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Growth Spin was instrumental in setting up customer journeys, a lead scoring system, and optimizing ad strategies to achieve these goals.


Learnerbly, post-Series A, had successfully grown through a sales-driven approach but lacked a cohesive marketing strategy to scale lead acquisition and conversion. The challenge was to develop a system that could not only attract leads but also nurture them through the funnel with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness.


Growth Spin's strategy for Learnerbly involved:

  • Customer Journey Mapping: Developing comprehensive customer journeys to guide prospects from initial awareness through to conversion, ensuring a seamless transition at each stage of the funnel.

  • Lead Scoring System Implementation: Setting up a lead scoring system to effectively identify and prioritize leads, enabling tailored engagement strategies for converting MQLs to SQLs.

  • Tracking and Ads Optimization: Fixing tracking issues to gain accurate insights into customer behavior and campaign performance, alongside optimizing ads to significantly reduce Cost Per Lead (CPL) and improve MQL conversion rates.


The approach included:

  • Analyzing and Segmenting Audience: Identifying key segments within Learnerbly's target audience to tailor the customer journeys and lead scoring criteria.

  • Optimizing Conversion Points: Enhancing key conversion points within the customer journey, including landing pages and lead magnets, to improve lead capture and engagement.

  • Ad Strategy Overhaul: Redesigning the ad strategy to focus on high-intent keywords and audiences, reducing the CPL by 30% and improving the MQL conversion rate by 50% through targeted, efficient campaigns.


The partnership led to:

  • Streamlined Lead Acquisition: The newly implemented customer journeys and lead scoring system facilitated a more efficient lead acquisition process, ensuring higher quality leads were entering the funnel.

  • Reduced CPL and Increased MQL Conversion: Optimized ad campaigns not only reduced the cost associated with acquiring new leads but also doubled the efficiency in converting MQLs, demonstrating a significant improvement in marketing ROI.

  • Enhanced Tracking and Insights: Improved tracking mechanisms provided Learnerbly with valuable insights into customer behavior and campaign performance, informing future marketing and product strategies.


Growth Spin's collaboration with Learnerbly showcases the transformative impact of a well-defined marketing strategy, sophisticated customer journey mapping, and data-driven ad optimization in the post-Series A growth phase. By focusing on lead quality, engagement, and efficient conversion strategies, Learnerbly was able to significantly enhance its lead acquisition and nurturing processes, setting a solid foundation for scalable growth in the competitive L&D market.

Client testimonial

Kassia Eve Chatting, Marketing Manager

Growth Spin's dedication, expertise, and collaborative approach have consistently impressed me.

Kassia Eve Chatting, Marketing Manager
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