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This case study explores the partnership between Moonworkers, a trailblazing HR Tech (B2B SAAS) platform for managing and paying hourly workers, and Growth Spin, focusing on achieving three primary objectives: acquiring leads and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) through paid search and social ads, increasing conversion rates, and testing different industries to refine lead magnet positioning and customer journeys. Moonworkers targets home care, nursery sectors, and companies employing self-employed workers within the UK market.


Moonworkers delivers a critical HR solution tailored for talent recruitment management and payroll, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of hiring and managing self-employed workers. Faced with the challenge of expanding their reach and optimizing conversion strategies, Moonworkers engaged Growth Spin to leverage paid advertising channels effectively and explore new sectors for expansion.


Growth Spin's strategy for Moonworkers involved:

  • Ideal Customer Personas (ICP) Definition: Conducting research to define detailed ICPs for both talent and employers, ensuring tailored messaging and targeting.

  • Paid Advertising Campaigns: Utilizing paid search and social ads to drive lead generation and MQL acquisition across the UK.

  • Funnel Optimization: Mapping the entire customer journey from awareness (Top of the Funnel - TOF) through consideration (Middle of the Funnel - MOF) to decision (Bottom of the Funnel - BOF), optimizing each stage to improve conversion rates from MQLs to demos, free sign-ups, and finally, to paying customers.

  • Sector-Specific Campaigns: Running experiments to identify and target new sectors with tailored propositions, ensuring a strong product-market fit and maximizing ad spend efficiency.


The engagement encompassed:

  1. Comprehensive Market and Audience Analysis: Deep dives into understanding target sectors and ICP preferences.

  2. Strategic Paid Campaign Implementation: Deployment of finely targeted paid search and social campaigns.

  3. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Continuous testing and refinement of customer journeys to enhance conversions at every funnel stage.

  4. Sector Expansion: Identification and targeting of new sectors through tailored marketing strategies and ad testing.


The partnership led to significant achievements:

  • Increased MQL Acquisition: Optimized campaigns contributed to a substantial increase in MQLs.

  • Conversion Rate Improvement: Achieved a 25% increase in conversion rates through meticulous funnel optimization and CRO efforts.

  • Sector Expansion Success: Successfully launched Moonworkers into new sectors, demonstrating a strong understanding of proposition-customer behavior fit and optimizing ad spend.


Growth Spin's collaboration with Moonworkers underscored the importance of a strategic, data-driven approach to digital marketing in the B2B SAAS sector. By defining precise Ideal Customer Personas, optimizing paid advertising strategies, and meticulously refining the conversion funnel, Moonworkers not only achieved but surpassed its objectives, marking a significant step forward in its mission to streamline HR processes for hourly workers and their employers. This case study exemplifies Growth Spin's expertise in leveraging digital marketing to fuel growth and expansion in highly specialized markets.

Client testimonial

Nicolas Croix, Founder

Growth Spin's expertise including digital product strategy, branding, and business planning was unlike I've never seen before and made my project prone to success.

Nicolas Croix, Founder
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