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This case study delves into Growth Spin's comprehensive partnership with Raindrop, a fintech startup that initially launched as a pension provider for the self-employed before evolving into a B2B platform offering pension finding services through a tech API. Our journey with Raindrop spanned from its pre-seed stage through to post-seed fundraising, involving rigorous testing of business propositions, pivoting based on insights, and ultimately repositioning the brand to serve higher-value clients and larger pension companies.


Raindrop aimed to disrupt the pension industry by providing a flexible pension contribution wrapper to the self-employed. However, the initial business model faced challenges with high customer acquisition costs relative to monthly contributions. Recognizing the need for a strategic pivot, Growth Spin collaborated with Raindrop to explore and implement more viable business propositions.


Growth Spin's strategy for Raindrop involved:

  • Pivot to Higher Value Clients: Transitioning the focus to acquiring clients with larger pension funds through innovative engagement tools such as the pension finder and calculator.

  • 'Aha Moment' Creation: Introducing a free pension finding service that revealed to users significant pension pots they were previously unaware of, significantly boosting acquisition.


The engagement process included:

  1. Business Proposition Testing: Rigorous testing of various business models to identify the most profitable propositions through a comprehensive marketing strategy and campaign management.

  2. Creative Ads Development: Crafting compelling, targeted advertising campaigns across digital platforms

  3. Email Marketing Strategy: Developing a sophisticated email marketing strategy to nurture leads through the sales funnel, from initial interest to conversion, leveraging insights from user engagement to tailor messaging.

  4. User Acquisition and Retention: Focused efforts on acquiring users through optimized ads and retaining them with personalized email follow-ups, increasing overall customer lifetime value.


The strategic partnership resulted in:

  • Successful Business Model Pivot: Raindrop's transition to targeting higher-value clients and then pivoting to a B2B model marked a significant strategic evolution.

  • Enhanced User Acquisition: The introduction of the free pension finding service became a key acquisition tool, dramatically increasing user engagement and conversions.

  • Expansion into B2B Services: The development of a tech API for pension finding services opened new revenue streams and partnerships with established pension companies.


Growth Spin's collaboration with Raindrop illustrates the power of strategic pivoting and the importance of aligning business models with relevant well crafted marketing strategies. Through innovative engagement tools and a successful transition to a B2B offering, Raindrop was able to overcome initial challenges, significantly grow its user base, and establish a new value proposition in the fintech and pension industry. This case study showcases Growth Spin's role in guiding startups through critical growth phases and strategic transformations.

Client testimonial

Vivan Shridharani

Growth Spin not only provided high-level strategy but also executed our campaigns and made continuous optimisations, which helped deliver the results we required.

Vivan Shridharani
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