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This case study showcases our collaboration with smol, the UK's fastest-growing subscription-based laundry detergent and dishwasher tablet brand. Operating in a highly competitive market, smol aimed to scale their business while focusing on optimizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and decreasing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). By implementing a comprehensive strategy, including channel diversification, reducing paid social acquisition costs, and optimizing the customer journey, we successfully achieved a 30% decrease in CAC. This case study provides insights into the client background, objectives, and the strategic approach that led to the remarkable outcome.

Client Background:

smol is a subscription-based laundry detergent and dishwasher tablet company known for delivering their products directly to customers' doorsteps. With a rapidly growing customer base, smol sought to expand their reach, increase user acquisition, and explore new outreach channels in the competitive market.


At the onset of our collaboration, smol had three primary objectives:

  1. Diversify the channel mix to expand their reach and explore alternative and sustainable paid search channels.

  2. Reduce customer acquisition costs for paid social advertising.

  3. Increase upsell opportunities by optimizing the customer journey on the website and improving the checkout process.


To address smol's objectives and achieve optimal user acquisition and ROAS, we developed a strategic approach that encompassed the following key components:

  1. Channel Diversification: We implemented a two-pronged approach to diversify the channel mix. Firstly, we introduced alternative and sustainable paid search channels, expanding smol's reach beyond traditional platforms. Secondly, we focused on building an SEO strategy and its implementation to improve organic visibility and attract relevant traffic to the website.

  2. Reducing Paid Social Acquisition Costs: To optimize paid social advertising, we applied the Facebook Power 5 principles. This involved utilizing campaign budget optimizations, conducting in-depth analysis of ad performance, and continuously making improvements based on data insights. By refining targeting parameters, creative elements, and ad placements, we aimed to reduce acquisition costs while maintaining or improving conversion rates.

  3. Increasing Upsell Opportunities: We prioritized optimizing the customer journey on the website and improving the checkout process to increase upsell opportunities. By analyzing user behavior and identifying friction points, we implemented changes to streamline the customer experience, enhance product discoverability, and simplify the checkout process. These improvements aimed to increase the average order value and drive additional revenue through upsells.


Through the implementation of our strategic approach, we achieved significant outcomes for smol:

  1. Decreased Customer Acquisition Costs: By diversifying the channel mix, optimizing paid social campaigns, and improving targeting and ad performance, we successfully reduced smol's customer acquisition costs by 30%. This decrease in CAC allowed smol to acquire new customers more efficiently and allocate their marketing budget effectively.

  2. Improved Upsell Opportunities: The optimization of the customer journey on the website and the streamlining of the checkout process led to an increase in upsell opportunities for smol. By enhancing product discoverability, simplifying the checkout process, and providing relevant recommendations, we successfully increased the average order value and revenue from upsells.


Through our collaboration with smol, we addressed the challenges of scaling in a highly competitive market. By diversifying the channel mix, reducing customer acquisition costs, and optimizing the upsell process, we achieved exceptional outcomes, including a 30% decrease in CAC and improved upsell opportunities. These results not only contributed to smol's business growth and profitability but also established a strong foundation for long-term success in the subscription-based laundry detergent market.

Client testimonial

Paula Quazi, CMO & Co-founder

Passion to deliver tangible growth opportunities using both experience and new insights from the latest digital tools and techniques.

Paula Quazi, CMO & Co-founder
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