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Zen Educate


This case study highlights the strategic collaboration between Growth Spin and Zen Educate, an online marketplace streamlining the connection between schools and teachers, bypassing traditional, costly recruitment agencies. Amidst a comprehensive revamp of their customer journey and product, Zen Educate engaged Growth Spin to refine key performance indicators (KPIs) for success across customer actions and implement a robust Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy.


Zen Educate leverages technology to facilitate direct, efficient hiring processes for schools, offering a vast pool of teaching opportunities for educators. The challenge was to enhance the platform's user experience, optimize the customer journey, and ultimately, improve conversion rates. Zen Educate turned to Growth Spin for expertise in structuring vital KPIs and developing a targeted CRO strategy.


Growth Spin's approach centered on:

  • KPI Structuring: Collaboratively defining with Zen Educate's product team, clear, actionable KPIs for measuring user engagement and success at various stages of the customer journey.

  • CRO Strategy Implementation: Deploying a data-driven CRO strategy aimed at optimizing user experiences, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion for schools and teachers interacting with the platform.


The engagement unfolded through:

  1. Comprehensive KPI Analysis: Identifying and mapping out the most crucial KPIs related to each customer action, ensuring a focused approach to measuring and enhancing user engagement.

  2. CRO Strategy Execution: Methodically implementing the CRO strategy, including redesigning user interfaces, streamlining navigation, and personalizing user interactions to foster higher conversion rates.

  3. Ongoing Optimization and Refinement: Continuously analyzing performance data to refine the customer journey, making iterative improvements based on user feedback and interaction patterns.


The collaboration yielded:

  • Improved User Engagement: The detailed KPI framework and optimized customer journey significantly boosted engagement levels among schools and teachers on the platform.

  • Increased Conversion Rates: The targeted CRO strategy effectively enhanced the user experience, leading to a marked increase in successful connections between schools and teachers.

  • Strategic Product Evolution: Insights gained from the structured KPIs and CRO initiatives informed further product development and enhancements, aligning closely with user needs and preferences.


By optimizing the customer journey and focusing on critical metrics for success, Zen Educate was able to significantly improve its service offering, creating a more efficient and effective marketplace for schools and teachers. This case study exemplifies Growth Spin's expertise in facilitating product improvements and user experience enhancements, driving growth and success for educational technology solutions.

Client testimonial

Anjali Krishnan, CMO

Working with Growthspin was fantastic. The product and marketing plan took 360 insights into consideration. I’d highly recommend GrowthSpin.

Anjali Krishnan, CMO
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